Fire Services Gives Back

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West Bay Fire Station officials give back to a community member in need.

Published 9th September 2016, 4:30pm

Although firefighters with the Cayman Islands Fire Service (CIFS) put their lives on the line every time they respond to a call, their commitment to the community doesn’t end with their shift at the fire station.

So, when staff of the West Bay Fire Station recently heard that community member Albert Yates was in need of a new television, Acting Station Officer Brian Watler said no one thought twice about lending a helping hand.

Albert walks all the way to our station at least three times a day just to check on us, and he lives more than a mile away. He is a great guy, a caring guy who deserved this gift, Officer Watler stated.

Mr. Yates is the caretaker of the Scholars Park and Ed Bush Sports Complex in West Bay. Officer Watler said when Mr. Yates told fire station members that his television was broken and he was unable to afford a new one, CIFS immediately began to empty their pockets.

"Everyone pulled together what they could and once all of the funds were collected, we were able to get Albert a brand new LG 32 inch HD flat screen television," he explained.

"When they gave Albert the television the look on his face was well worth it," Officer Watler said. "Albert really appreciated it. He loves to watch the news and sporting events, so he was extremely happy. He also loves to dance, and when he saw the big TV he just started dancing.”

Officer Watler added, "We aren’t just here to fight fires and save lives. We also like to get involve in the community, and do what we can to help and be there for all members of our community, on and off the job."